Safety - CNG
  • Use only approved brands of seamless CNG cylinders certified by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO)- Nagpur and the mounting of the CNG on -board cylinders should confirm to AIS :028
  • Never install CNG kit/ cylinder in the vehicle from any un-authorized conversion workshop/ outlet. Always avail the services of Government approved retrofitter for the conversion of your vehicle to CNG.
  • Never use any LPG, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, or any other cylinders for CNG
  • Never install a cylinder which has been fabricated or repaired with welding or threads
  • Cooperate with the CNG Station refueling staff for inspection of the vehicle cylinder at the time of refueling for your own as well as public safety.
  • Get CNG cylinder test certificate from the CNG licensee/Retrofitter after conversion of vehicle to CNG.
  • Do not smoke during refueling in the vehicle.
  • Follow all other safety instructions of Torrent Gas while refueling the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the CNG cylinder installed in the vehicle is tested as per PESO guidelines periodically within 03 years.
  • Ensure cylinder testing is carried out by authorized agencies only.
  • Ensure that nobody is inside the vehicle while refueling is under progress.
  • Do not start the vehicle after refueling unless refueling hose is disconnected.

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