Frequently Ask Questions
  • What documents are required to get New PNG Gas Connection?
    • ID Proof (Any One)
      1. Aadhar Card
      2. PAN Card
      3. Driving Licence
      4. Voter/Election Card
      5. Passport
    • Residence Proof (Any One)
      1. Owner
        • Electricity Bill (Not Older than 3 Months)
        • BSNL Phone Bill (Not Older than 3 Months)
        • Sale Deed
        • House Tax Bill (Current Year)
        • Ration Card
      2. Tenant (Additional documents from above list in case of tenant)
        • Rent Agreement Copy
        • Owner’s NOC
        • Owners ID proof (Any of mentioned above)
  • What are the benefits of Piped Natural Gas?
    1. Convenient - Available 'on Tap', No booking for refills and waiting for delivery man, No Pilferage.
    2. Consistent - Available through underground pipeline, No Transportation bottleneck/ hurdles.
    3. Economical – Cheaper than LPG, billing based on actual meter reading (meter is installed at customer premise), No Pilferage.
    4. Safe- System is designed for safe operation and there is almost no chance of leakage. Also, PNG is lighter than air hence mixes with atmospheric air and disperses quickly.
  • What are the applications/ utilities of Natural Gas?
    1. Natural Gas can be used for
      • Feedstock for Fertilizer, Methanol etc
      • Fuel
      • Furnace
      • Cooking
      • Power Generation
    2. Fuel Gas Utilization for:
      1. Air Conditioning
      2. Boiler, Steam Generation, Geysers
      3. Space Heating
    1. Can I use my existing LPG appliance with PNG?
      • Yes, however we need to convert an existing LPG appliance to run on PNG. This will be done by trained technicians of gas equipment supplier.
    1. What will happen to my LPG connection if I get PNG connection?
      • The LPG connection may be surrendered to the respective oil company and customer will get back his security deposit amount from LPG supplier.
    1. What are the Safety Guidelines for Domestic Customers? – 
      • Before igniting the gas stove, ensure that there is no gas smell.
      • Ensure that the rubber tube is in good condition, and it is fixed properly with gas stove and appliance valve (located before gas stove).
      • Cooking appliances should be installed or placed in well-ventilated areas.
      • Do not keep your existing LPG cylinder near the PNG installation.
      • It is advisable to switch off the appliance valve at night or while not in use.
      • The appliance, under no circumstances should be used on LPG after converting it to PNG without reconverting it to LPG by a trained technician.
      • If you are away from your residence for a long duration, we advise you to kindly inform us, for temporary disconnection of the natural gas connection for safety purpose.
      • In case of a leak, Immediately Contact our Toll Free Customer Service Numbers (Available 24 Hours).
      • Do not light any match / fire near the gas installation especially near the point of leakage.
      • Do not switch ON or OFF any electricity switch or electrical appliance.
      • Turn OFF gas valve near the gas appliance and the isolation valve installed near the Meter.
      • Open all doors and windows immediately, if the leakage is in a closed premise.
      • Do not excavate the soil above the pipeline laid underground near / within your building premises.
      • No tampering should be done with the mechanism installed, for whatsoever reasons. In case the consumer desires any change in the installation, Torrent Gas's office should be contacted.
  • What is the Torrent Gas Online Payment service?
    1. Torrent Gas Online Payment is a simple and convenient bill payment option. It allows making online payment through the Torrent Gas website instantly with multiple options like Credit Card, Internet Banking etc. You can make online payments from the comfort of your home/office.
  • Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?
    1. Yes, you are required to make payment for the entire bill amount. Torrent Gas does not accept part payments.
  • Do I get a confirmation of the payment that I have made?
    1. For all payments made online, you will receive receipt of the payment on registered e-mail address for your reference (if e-mail address is provided) and SMS on mobile number with transaction reference number for your receipt. This will be an acknowledgement for your payment of gas bill.
  • Do I have to pay any service fee?
    1. Torrent Gas does not levy any service fee/additional charges for Net Banking. In Case of Debit Card Payment, a convenience/processing fee plus Goods & Service tax is applicable.
    2. In case of Credit Card payment, a convenience/processing fee of 0.8% on payable amount plus Goods & service tax is applicable.
  • What if I need help using the service?
    1. In case you need help while transacting online or need any support, please feel free to Call our customer care. Click Here to get contact details of customer care. You can also write to us on for any details/help/assistance required.
  • Can I make payment after due date?
    1. Yes, you can make the payment even after the due date. However, you will be liable for late payment charges in subsequent bill.
  • When can I see my payments reflecting in my account?
    1. Payment made by cash or cheque at company owned service centers will be updated in your account immediately. In case of third-party collection center, payment will be updated in 2 working Days, however, payment date will be considered as the date on which payment was received.
    2. Online & Credit Card payments are deemed paid on successful transaction. However, your account would be updated on receiving the confirmation from the bank, which normally is within 2 working days.
  • Can I make payments of any amount online?
    1. We do not accept part payment online. Therefore, you would be required to pay only the entire billed amount online. You may however deposit an excess amount which will get adjusted against your future bills.
  • Once I pay online, will I have to pay this way every month?
    1. Online payment option is only for your convenience. If you have paid online this month, you can pay your next bill by cheque or cash. Every online transaction is processed only after your authorization and is 100% safe and secure.
  • Can Industrial and Commercial customer make online payment?
    1. Yes, Online payment facility is available for all Torrent Gas customers.

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